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Chair Ground Sheet Sand Mat - Fits 14 x 13 inch chair footprint only (chair sold separately)

Stop your chair legs from sinking into soft ground with the Boundary Life Ground Sheet Fits chairs with a 13 by 13-inch square footprint.  Not guaranteed to fit other lightweight chairs.

Keep your chair legs out of the mud and sand. Great for when you are set up on the soft ground.

Fits in the Boundary Life Gear Chair bag and only adds 4 ounces to the weight of the entire chair setup.

Makes using your Boundary LIFE CHAIR outdoors in any condition dry, wet, muddy soft uneven ground. The sheet holds chair legs even and distributed on the ground.

Rugged groundsheet works in all leg positions.

BUY WHEN YOU BUY YOUR CHAIR OR WHEN YOU NEED IT We offer a 90-day  manufacturer warranty for the replacement of the mat or your money back.

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